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Does the Facility User Insurance Program insure automobiles?

The coverage under the liability protection is for “Non-owned Automobile”, which provides for two types of protection.
  1. Coverage for "Short Term Rentals (under 30 days)” for licensed automobiles used in connection with your event. However, there are restrictions under this coverage, such as the rental agreement must be in the name of whom the rental agreement is with; and physical damage is limited to $50,000 per vehicle. Check the limit on the policy to make sure. It should be noted that under the Insurance Act, some monetary exchange must happen between the parties for this coverage to effect.
  2. Coverage for your volunteers and/or employees who use their own licensed vehicles for business related to the event, should their own insurance company look for recovery or they are sued for more than their own automobile policy liability limit.

The non-owned auto limit applying to your policy will appear on the certificate of insurance.