What documentation must be filed when I have an incident that could lead to a claim?

The 8 step claim process should be followed when an incident during your event could lead to an insurance claim:
  1. Never admit liability or responsibility as this could prejudice your insurance company’s ability to provide a viable defence.
  2. Report the incident, within twenty-four (24) hours or sooner, to the municipality’s Risk Management Division.
  3. Complete the incident reporting form.
  4. Collect any witness statements; include their name, address, and phone number in order for the insurance company to investigate the claim further.
  5. Cooperate fully with the insurance company by providing them any information or answering any questions they may have.
  6. If you are served with a “statements of claim” or notice of intent to file a statement of claim, forward this immediately to the insurance company well before the 21 day required defense period.
  7. Assist the insurance company as requested in providing sworn statements that will be used in the defense of the action and assist them in your defence.
  8. Provide any additional information to the insurance company you may have that will help in the defense of the claim against you.