What type of sporting event should I select?

Picking the correct sporting event type is important for getting the right coverage. The descriptions for each type of sporting activity is below. 


Hourly / One Time Event

  • We recommend you select this option if you :
    • Have a one-off rental such as an ice rental
    • Have recurring events that total under 30 hours total
  • With an hourly / one time event, you are only paying for the time that you are actually playing

Sports League / Seasonal Coverage

  • We recommend you select this option if you:
    • Have over 30 hours of bookings / are looking to cover a longer span of time, such as an entire season of play
    • Have constant changes in location or time slots that you would require to have to contact IRC to get the COI updated to meet Facility Owner requirements
  • Covers all games between the start and end date on the certificate, individual dates do not need to be inputted.

Sports Tournament

  • We recommend you select this option if you:
    • Are having a weekend tournament and require coverage for all teams
  • Covers all games for the duration of the tournament between the start and end dates listed on the certificate.

Sports Camp

  • We recommend that you select this option only if hourly rental / one-time event kicks out due to participant limits
  • Covers players during sports camps, does not include overnight exposure.