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Why do I need insurance?

Having insurance coverage for your event is an important way to protect yourself while renting space. While the facility may require it, having insurance even if it is optional is still a great idea.

Accidents happen no matter how careful you are. As the host or organizer of an event or sporting activity, you can be sued by anyone who claims to have been injured or suffered property damage resulting from your activities. You may not be responsible (liable) but you will need to be defended in court. A liability policy pays for this defence, as well as compensatory damages. In short, transferring your risk to a liability insurance policy provides you the opportunity to run your activity with peace of mind. 

It is commonly a mandatory requirement by municipalities and facility operators/owners that all rental users provide proof of specific amounts of liability insurance coverage when renting a facility. Obtaining liability insurance can be time consuming and expensive. This program is designed to provide an affordable and simpler process to secure your insurance coverage. However, users are welcome to arrange their own coverage and have proof of that coverage filed for the event on the mandatory insurance certificate form.