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Why is my quote so high?

While we strive to try and make the system the best that we can, large quotes can sometimes still be generated. We have listed the common ways in which large quotes can happen. 

Multiple Vendor With multiple vendor events the quotation is usually correct. The quote is generated based on the number as well as the type of vendors which will be at your event 
Room Rental / Banquet Hall / Park Event / Public Events Alcohol as well as attendance are what cause excess quotes for these events. As there is more people there is a higher risk and the rating reflects this.
Sporting Event
Common ways that Sporting Events can become excessive are as follows:
Hourly Coverage - The most common way we see the quote being excessive for hourly coverage, is AM / PM
Camps / Tournaments - Put the start and end date of the camp / tournament in. Having multiple date ranges calculates the rate multiple times. If your camp / tournament is longer than 5 days please fill out the large event application and email it to support@instantriskcoverage.com
Leagues - The rate is calculated based on the number of teams entered. If you are only purchasing for yourself then only one team needs to be entered. If purchasing on behalf of the entire league then enter the total number of teams